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phptop 0.5.4 released (average and relative options)

PhpTop 0.5.4 is out, with two new analysis options :

  • -a, --average: show per-hit average time values instead of cumulated time
  • -r, --relative: show relative time values in percent relative to the sample duration

Sample usage :

lampserver:~# phptop -prs user
URL                                   Hit     Time    >User      Sys  Mem/hit  Mem_max
/                                    5.4%    25.0%     5.8%     0.4%      7.5     20.5
/fr/                                 2.5%     4.0%     2.8%     0.2%      5.6     14.5
/fr/user/startpage/                  1.4%    61.9%     2.6%     0.1%     11.4     17.5
/cv/baz/                             0.6%     3.9%     1.7%     0.1%      8.4      8.8
/fr/ajax/home/change_foobar/         2.3%     5.5%     1.6%     0.2%      4.5     13.8
/fr/ajax/munch/save/                 1.8%     3.8%     1.5%     0.1%      9.2     19.0
/dont-do-this/                       0.3%     1.7%     1.3%     0.1%      9.9     10.2
/cv/barbaz/                          0.6%     2.4%     1.3%     0.1%      9.4     21.8
/fr/ajax/identity/foo_upload/        0.2%     2.0%     1.2%     0.1%      4.0      4.5
/cv/afer/                            0.5%     2.5%     1.2%     0.1%      8.2      9.2
Total (from last 300 sec)          100.0%   397.2%   112.3%     7.8%                  

Here it is more easy to see that PHP used 112% CPU for the last 300sec (this is on a 4-way server, we have up to 400% CPU time). The hit ratio is also more meaningfull to quickly see the distribution curve : the more CPU costly page only represents 5.4% of total hits, maybe you don't want to waste your time optimizing that.

It could be better, hit totals should be kept as a plain number I guess. Same for the total elapsed time.

Note that the combination of -a and -r is allowed but is not very useful nor readable.

  • Posted: 2011-08-12 16:26
  • Author: vcaron
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phptop 0.5.3 released (doc complete, minor fixes)

PhpTop 0.5.3 is out, with a few fixes and cleanups, complete doc and a discrete but important modification on the -t option:

  • Non-compatible change: -t is now using seconds, because it didn't make any sense to use minutes there and seconds here.
  • Minor bugfix, PHP comments use ; and not # now
  • Style fix: 'perlcritic phptop' OK
  • Added 2011 in various (c) notices
  • man page: finally writen the INTERPRETATION section, see PhpTopMan
  • Posted: 2011-03-14 21:57 (Updated: 2011-03-14 22:12)
  • Author: vcaron
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DDBFS: a document oriented distributed storage system

DDBFS is a middleware designed to ease the storage and the access to data, removing the need of an arborescent filesystem by using the metadata of the stored data, with the guaranty of availability thanks to the replication and distribution of the data among a storage cluster.

It uses Tahoe-LAFS as distributed storage system for which it replaces the VFS layer and SQLite for metadata storage.

Have a look at DDBFS page on the wiki for more information on how to get it and to use it.

Jobq 0.8.1 - Better and faster queuing

A minor Jobq release for an important fix, see the #18 ticket for all details:

  • A race condition has been fixed with the help of the start-stop-daemon from dpkg. Which makes it currently Debian only but reuse a very robust wheel.
  • A queued job is now run ASAP instead of waiting for a cyclic pickup process (which was set to 5sec, which could add up to lots of wasted time waiting on queue pickups).

Thanks a lot to Sébastien Bocahu which implemented and tested the aforementionned fixes, and bore with my details pushing.

See JobQueue for more info.

  • Posted: 2010-06-26 17:22
  • Author: vcaron
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Bearmail 0.3.3 released (bugfix)

Bearmail 0.3.3 was released with one major bugfix (see #17); under corner case circonstances, the MTA could claim to host a foreign domain (like "" ...) and capture all outgoing emails for the latter.

A few patches from the trunk made it through too (Sieve home is now the user maildir, mod_perl support, etc). Changelog is:

  • Fixed bug #17 where non-hosted domains were improperly looped locally
  • Sieve support: moved conf files to maildirs
  • Added mod_perl support (BearMail/Dispatch?.pm)
  • Web UI tweak on domain_list mode

See the BearMail wiki page for global information.

  • Posted: 2010-05-27 17:22
  • Author: vcaron
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