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phptop 0.5.1 released - quick bugfix

Thanks to Duck, an important bug has been spotted and fixed in memory logging (#8). It might discard a lot of sample measures depending on the locale numeric settings about scientific notations and mantissa (in the wild it would look like an "heisenbug"). It's now locale independent.

  • Posted: 2010-03-23 20:21
  • Author: vcaron
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phptop 0.5 released: bugfixes and cuteness

phptop 0.5 is out with bugfixes and massive output enhancement, especially the new HTML output. Check the PhpTop wiki page for details and output demos.

Changelog between 0.4.1 and 0.5:

New -ooutput-mode option, refactored reporting internally
  • New HTML output support
  • Text output: showing sorting column with '>' on text output
  • Text output: multiple reports are globally column aligned
  • Now checking that -t <value> is numeric
  • Now checking that -s <key> uses a known key
  • Changes -s usage: now using multiple -s instead comma-list
  • Fixed sorting which was not reliable (use proper <=> numeric comparison operator)
  • Using exactly one print per line (better buffering for large outputs or slow links)
  • Gave up 'inc' measure and display; it could be seen as a code complexity measure but has been merely useless in production use for the last months
  • Posted: 2010-03-19 00:59
  • Author: vcaron
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