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couch-dump 0.3 - First public release

couch-dump and couch-load are tools used to dump and load data from CouchDB databases. They focus on low memory footprint and simple dump format, allowing the extraction of wide datasets from CouchDB (tested on multi-gigabyte production databases).

Quick demo :

hal:~# couch-dump -d mydb -o /var/tmp/mydb_dump
hal:~# couch-load -d mydb -s /var/tmp/mydb_dump

For more info, see CouchDump wiki page.

Jobq 0.8 - New stat and profile tools

Jobq 0.8 is a release which does not modify jobq itself nor fixes bugs, but brings two new very useful tools to monitor your job queues.

For instance jobq-profile prints time and calls per script:

$ jobq-profile -q production < /var/log/user.log

Calls  Time(sec)  Command
   12     460504  ./script/runner "LivePush.clean" && ./script/pates 
  197      49165  rake -s import:foobar:home_news_competition
  201      35767  rake -s import:foobar:news
  492       3063  rake -s import:foobar:update_recent_game_squad

See JobQueue wiki page for download, source, samples, etc.

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