Bearmail 0.3.3 released (bugfix)

Bearmail 0.3.3 was released with one major bugfix (see #17); under corner case circonstances, the MTA could claim to host a foreign domain (like "" ...) and capture all outgoing emails for the latter.

A few patches from the trunk made it through too (Sieve home is now the user maildir, mod_perl support, etc). Changelog is:

  • Fixed bug #17 where non-hosted domains were improperly looped locally
  • Sieve support: moved conf files to maildirs
  • Added mod_perl support (BearMail/Dispatch?.pm)
  • Web UI tweak on domain_list mode

See the BearMail wiki page for global information.

  • Posted: 2010-05-27 17:22
  • Author: vcaron
  • Categories: (none)


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