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#16 fixed Bearmai GUI demo sample "mailmap" zecrazytux Vincent Caron

We plan to host a Bearmail GUI demo (as

We would need a sample "mailmap" demo file, and I guess we'll reset it every night on the demo site or something like that.

The exercise needs some imagination to find some probable and maybe funny domains and email addresses (not Lorem Ipsum, Foobar or such garbage, that makes for bad looking demos IMHO). Let's say 10 domains and 2 to 10 addresses per domain.

#15 fixed Bearmail GUI mod_perl support zecrazytux Vincent Caron

We plan to host a Bearmail GUI demo. While CGI is fine for development (especially since bearmail is still quite light), that would be so "1.0" and inefficient as a hosting solution.

Here is the time to add mod_perl support. CGI::App supports it, that's maybe a simple as documenting the required Apache config blurb, I don't know.

Internal note: we'll fit the demo as in our 'Otto' server.

#6 fixed Bearmail logout not logging out zecrazytux Vincent Caron

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login from the auth form
  • Click "logout" on the menu, you are redirected on the auth form
  • Click "help" then use the menu to go the the domain list

Maybe there's simply no authz framework in place, I didn't check :). In this case investigate if CGI::App has some standard way to map runmodes with an authorization map or function, or something like that.

We need to write down the proper authz matrix: level (user/postmaster/admin) vs. runmodes.

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