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#18 fixed Possible race condition in jobq daemon launch zecrazytux Vincent Caron

Jobq needs at most one daemon instance per queue. It uses a pidfile but does not lock it, so there is a race condition between the time this pidfile is read, the pid tested and a new instance eventually started.


  • Ugly hack: minimize time/instructions between pidfile reading and pidfile writing if another intsance was stared
  • Correct fix: lock pidfile, but I'm not sure there's a lot of portable locking primtives from a shell
  • We're kind of re-implemting start-stop-daemon or something like every distro might have... I'll prefer to keep this simple shell script portable, but if the correct way is a Debian dependency, let's go.
#17 fixed Non-hosted domains in virtual domains with the Files backend Vincent Caron zecrazytux

There is an annoying bug in the Files backend of Bearmail: bearmail/lib/BearMail/Backend/

Items such as:

result in having both and as postfix virtual domains (postfix configuration file written by bearmail-update)

This is caused by the calls to $records{$_}->{password} in the _sort_mailmap() method (lines 305-309): if the item of "$_" key does not exists, it creates one with no value... And this is not logical to me.

(if you don't understand this very well, let's look at this:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;
use Data::Dumper;

my %hash;

print "undef - not printed" if defined($hash{'test'}); 
print "undef - not printed" if defined($hash{'test'}->{'test'}); 
print "empty but defined, now" if defined($hash{'test'}); 

So maybe the solution is to test if the item is defined, then, and only then, test for its subhash values...

#16 fixed Bearmai GUI demo sample "mailmap" zecrazytux Vincent Caron

We plan to host a Bearmail GUI demo (as

We would need a sample "mailmap" demo file, and I guess we'll reset it every night on the demo site or something like that.

The exercise needs some imagination to find some probable and maybe funny domains and email addresses (not Lorem Ipsum, Foobar or such garbage, that makes for bad looking demos IMHO). Let's say 10 domains and 2 to 10 addresses per domain.

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