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#15 fixed Bearmail GUI mod_perl support zecrazytux Vincent Caron

We plan to host a Bearmail GUI demo. While CGI is fine for development (especially since bearmail is still quite light), that would be so "1.0" and inefficient as a hosting solution.

Here is the time to add mod_perl support. CGI::App supports it, that's maybe a simple as documenting the required Apache config blurb, I don't know.

Internal note: we'll fit the demo as in our 'Otto' server.

#14 fixed Use LWP instead of wget Lucas Bonnet Vincent Caron

Invocations of wget are not really Perlish, LWP has been around for so long that it's ubiquitous. And it should be faster too, especially if the same UA can be reused for all requests since they look all targeted to the same host.

And the current wget invocation fails on quoting spaces and shell metacharacaters:

`wget -q $doc_url -O design_$1`;

Should be at least:

system('wget', '-q', $doc_url, '-O', "design_$1");

Or better:

Use LWP::Simple;

# Later...
my $http_status = getstore($doc_url, "design_$1");
#13 fixed Couchdb-dump/load error handling does not use STDERR Lucas Bonnet Vincent Caron

source:/couchdb/couch-dump and source:/couchdb/couch-load should use print STDERR for error messages, or preferrably die().

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