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#6 fixed Bearmail logout not logging out zecrazytux Vincent Caron

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login from the auth form
  • Click "logout" on the menu, you are redirected on the auth form
  • Click "help" then use the menu to go the the domain list

Maybe there's simply no authz framework in place, I didn't check :). In this case investigate if CGI::App has some standard way to map runmodes with an authorization map or function, or something like that.

We need to write down the proper authz matrix: level (user/postmaster/admin) vs. runmodes.

#11 invalid UI ergonomy improvements zecrazytux zecrazytux

Current webUI is not very ergonomic to me... Shall we do some brainstorming here to bring it at a better level :) ?

Also, there are some missing features: modify a domain or address, create a domain with a specific postmaster address...

#15 fixed Bearmail GUI mod_perl support zecrazytux Vincent Caron

We plan to host a Bearmail GUI demo. While CGI is fine for development (especially since bearmail is still quite light), that would be so "1.0" and inefficient as a hosting solution.

Here is the time to add mod_perl support. CGI::App supports it, that's maybe a simple as documenting the required Apache config blurb, I don't know.

Internal note: we'll fit the demo as in our 'Otto' server.

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