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#7 fixed The upstream changelog is missing in the Debian package Vincent Caron Marc Dequènes (Duck)

I heard a /usr/share/doc/phptop/NEWS file should have been created, but is missing.

#6 fixed Bearmail logout not logging out zecrazytux Vincent Caron

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login from the auth form
  • Click "logout" on the menu, you are redirected on the auth form
  • Click "help" then use the menu to go the the domain list

Maybe there's simply no authz framework in place, I didn't check :). In this case investigate if CGI::App has some standard way to map runmodes with an authorization map or function, or something like that.

We need to write down the proper authz matrix: level (user/postmaster/admin) vs. runmodes.

#5 fixed BearMail::Web::Login error handling zecrazytux Vincent Caron

We need some error and feedback handling in bearmail login: Add some div in source:/bearmail/template/login.html. I'd suggest a <p class="error"> before the submit button, and only present if an error occurs. I'm not fan on errors "on top" which shift the whole form layout down.

And of course add proper logic in source:/bearmail/lib/BearMail/Web/ - see if CGI::App has some "standard way" to handle error/flash messages.

I'd like meaningful errors (instead of a single message "Login failed"):

  • "Echec: le mot de passe est incorrect, essayez à nouveau."
  • "Echec: cette adresse email est inconnue."

I know it's supposed to be a privacy issue since a brute force attack can guess the list of hosted domains and addresses, but it's also so convenient for end users who must know if they mispelled their address or password in the first place.

(BTW all public strings are French, let's keep it that way until we add i18n)

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