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#25 fixed Helper script for template updates Vincent Caron Vincent Caron

I need a tool to simply update templates, if possible several (versions and on several servers) without much effort. It must at least:

  • remount the template fs r/w
  • mount /proc
  • execute any command via chroot
  • cleanup: umount /proc and remount itself r/o

Sponsored by the need to install and configure the 'locales' package in all templates plus the fact that managing the remounting of templates which are bind mounted many times is something you don't want to handle manually.

#26 fixed ror-farm & debian cron.daily/standard : have a fake /var/lib/dpkg/status Vincent Caron Vincent Caron

Debian 5.0's cron.daily/standard complains that /var/lib/dpkg/status does not exist while trying to backup it. Simple fix :

  • create it as empty file in all templates
  • retroactively fix all ror-farm instances
#12 worksforme Framework to fix and fix again mail logs for Poststat Valentin SCHMITT Vincent Caron

Poststat (see PostfixLogTools) tends to break depending on some configuration details (mail filtering setup, LDA, etc) and must be tuned regularly even for Bearstech only usage.

If other users adopt Poststat, we must assume wilder and wilder log files and be prepared to parse them more or less proprely. The idea is to make sur we can quickly find a fix for some user case without breaking the other ones.

First step: gather some log files, anonimyze them. Any Postfix user can contribute its log. But we need an anonymizer which scrambles in non-reversibles ways email addresses, host names and IP addresses.

Second step: have a reference parsing result for every log file (poststat outputs a list of counters, so we'll use that), build a simple non-regression test for that in a 'make test' target.

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