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#3 Vserver instances share a common interface and mess themselves up lbonnet bug major RoR Farm 11 years
#8 Log parsing failure due to stat value not integer vcaron bug major phptop 10 years
#14 Use LWP instead of wget lbonnet bug major Bearmail 10 years
#17 Non-hosted domains in virtual domains with the Files backend vcaron bug major Bearmail 10 years
#18 Possible race condition in jobq daemon launch sbocahu bug major jobq 10 years
#19 bearmail - troubles with the responder blinet bug major Bearmail 10 years
#20 Update bearmail unit tests and provide a reference mailmap sbocahu task major Bearmail 10 years
#23 Use nginx as single dispatcher for ror-farm vservers lbonnet enhancement major RoR Farm 9 years
#25 Helper script for template updates vcaron task major Bearmail 9 years
#26 ror-farm & debian cron.daily/standard : have a fake /var/lib/dpkg/status vcaron bug major RoR Farm 9 years
#2 Upgrade open file limits in vserver context lbonnet enhancement minor RoR Farm 11 years
#4 ITP: phptop 0.1 sbocahu task minor GPS_reader 10 years
#5 BearMail::Web::Login error handling sbocahu task minor Bearmail 10 years
#6 Bearmail logout not logging out sbocahu task minor Bearmail 10 years
#13 Couchdb-dump/load error handling does not use STDERR lbonnet enhancement minor CouchDB 10 years
#15 Bearmail GUI mod_perl support sbocahu enhancement minor Bearmail 10 years
#16 Bearmai GUI demo sample "mailmap" sbocahu task minor Bearmail 10 years
#27 Ror-farm: define MAILTO for 'ror' user crontab lbonnet bug minor RoR Farm 9 years
#7 The upstream changelog is missing in the Debian package vcaron bug trivial phptop 10 years
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