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Active Tickets (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#28 update poststat Bearmail bug Benjamin Linet new Oct 17, 2011
#1 gps_reader hangs on NMEA file GPS_reader defect Lucas Bonnet new Jan 3, 2008
#9 feature request Bearmail enhancement Benjamin Linet new Apr 9, 2010
#10 Files backend needs locking Bearmail enhancement Vincent Caron new Apr 10, 2010
#29 Bootstrap local::lib and Mojolicious for Bearmail Bearmail enhancement Vincent Caron new Mar 1, 2013
#24 ror-farm next gen: lxfarm RoR Farm enhancement Lucas Bonnet new Apr 19, 2011
#21 Implementing BearMail::Config Bearmail task Valentin SCHMITT new Feb 14, 2011
#22 Specifying BearMail::Backend Bearmail task Vincent Caron new Feb 15, 2011
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