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  • Install Debian package with APT source deb bearmail/ (Debian 5.0/Lenny, all arch.)
  • Browse source: source:/bearmail/
  • Checkout code: svn co svn://


BearMail is a collection of tools to help you manage a "mail server", with the following components:

  • Postfix MTA: receive mail for your domains, send mail for your users (SMTP Auth, TLS, etc)
  • Dovecot IMAP/POP server: store and retrieve your mails
  • RoundCubeMail webmail: use your email anywhere
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam: ClamAV, DSPAM

It was primarily designed as a system administration tool which coherrently configures all these packages from centralized, simple and bullet-proof configuration data. It is evolving with a user-oriented web interface, and shortly more scalability features like database backends.

Current features:

  • Easy: file-based configuration (VCS friendly), adding or modifying accounts, aliases, etc is a one-liner
  • Efficient and measurable default anti-spam settings (see also PostfixLogTools)
  • Adminsys friendly: let you tune configuration details and get out of your way
  • Standard: use various softwares in their preferred and recommended configuration (we parsed a huge bunch of documentation and forums for you)
  • Resilient: no daemon, very low ressource usage, few dependencies
  • Secure: primarily a CLI tool, relies on traditionnal, simple and auditable Unix security
  • Tested: it has successfully been used by Bearstech since early 2008 on several servers with thousands of user accounts.

See also those postmaster tools:

  • PostfixLogTools: graph your incoming mail filtering rules and track email reject top reasons


Incoming SPAM early rejects graphed by PostfixLogTools:

Have a peek on the coming web interface:

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