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Welcome to Bearstech's forge

Here you will find various software and documentations developped by Bearstech and released as free software.

Documentation, White Papers


  • Postfix Log Tools : Extract and shows useful information from your Postfix logs
  • phptop : Quickly analyze system ressource usage across many PHP queries
  • jobq : Simple job queue management (a better 'batch')
  • RoR Farming : A toolset to manage a massive RoR hosting platform
  • BearMail : A mail platform (IMAP, SMTP/POP, webmail, etc) for users and adminsys

Unmaintained software:

  • BearStat : An attempt to retrieve more useful informations from web server log files
  • OpenMoko GPS : Tiny GPS output parser in Python + GTK+ for the OpenMoko platform
  • BearChat : An AJAX webchat which scales easily to thousands of participants. Written in 170 lines of PHP and 70 lines of JS
  • Geo-data (France) : A simple but complete and accurate administrative SQL database for regions, departments and cities (33,000 entries) in France. Includes a complete PHP sample API.
  • SaveBox : A backup robot, running on GNU/Linux, saving Windows users' ass